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Job Application

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Los Angeles, CA

We are looking for an Engineering Manager for a client in the LA area. The candidate should have 8+ years of experience in metallic (or composite ducting and motion compensator) design as a Project / Systems Engineer, following ARP 699 guidelines.  We will also consider candidates with equivalent experience in ECS (Environmental Control System), bleed air, AMS (Air Management System), or component design in the following industries:

· Valves (pneumatic or electro mechanical)

· Heat Exchangers

· Turbo Machinery

· Fuel Tank Inert Systems (FTIS, OBIGGS, OBOGGS, NGS, etc.)

· Wing-Anti Ice Systems

· Ram Air Systems

· High Pressure or Low Pressure pneumatic systems

· Structural design

This role requires a Bachelor’s degree in ME, Physics, EE, Aeronautical Engineering, or IE with preference toward Mechanical Engineering. An advanced degree is preferred. The candidate should have a broad range of engineering skills, preferably in aircraft/aerospace design and structural analysis. A product development background necessary.


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